Summer Fun for $10 or Less

Summer is coming to a close which means for most families the heat has their kids beat, the countdown has begun until back to school, and the piggybank has been used for vacation. So to wrap up this last week or so here’s a simple and cheap way to have some summer fun.

I owe this blog post to a friend of mine who actually gave me the idea for our fun summer activity.

It’s a fun and different way to have fun with water to beat the heat that doesn’t cost a lot and could be customized in an unlimited amount of ways!

Basically for $10 at your local hardware store you can get a lot of fun in the yard (be aware your water bill might be higher!).

We called it “the blob” and essentially it’s just 4mil plastic made into a bubble and then filled with water.


I just bought a large two-pack of plastic tarps from Menards which ran like $12 for 2. Then I needed wax paper from the grocery store. If you only wanted to do one of these I think the whole thing could run you no more than $5-$10 depending on what you have on hand.

I folded the plastic tarp in half so it created a 9′ by 6′ rectangle. Then I took our iron and put a piece of wax paper between the iron and plastic. Going along the edge I simply sealed the plastic by having the heat from the iron melt it together. You could do two separate pieces of plastic but by folding it it saves me a seam to seal.

I left a hole large enough for my hose and then sealed a little ways into the bag to keep it from coming out.

I turned on the hose and started filling it up.

This was a really fun and simple way to have fun during the summer and when it was all said and done we just drained the plastic and threw it out.



    1. It started without that many holes but that definitely changed as we went along. Some we made so water would come out others were just wear and tear


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