Top 3 Things You Need for Kidmin

A few weeks ago we had a major renovation in our room where we had to close down our environment for a weekend. The renovation was a success and we’re back to our regular environment, but for that weekend we had to utilize another space in our church for our kids ministry.

Our current kids ministry started in 2006 and has been steadily growing for the last 13 years. That growth has meant additional spaces, additional programs, and additional volunteer roles. At the heart of that growth we’ve kept our purpose of helping people connect with Jesus Christ and with others and our strategy of keeping environments joyful, relevant, and irresistible.

The interesting thing about losing our environment for a weekend was it allowed us to step back and consider what the most important things were to pull off a weekend in our ministry. Here’s the top 3 things we made sure to have to help us pull off our kids ministry. Keep in mind, even with these things, without prayer and a dedicated purpose to help families connect with Christ, none of these can do what they need to.

  1. Security — First and foremost we made sure that we had a secure environment. We weren’t able to use our normal room which meant that our room didn’t have bathrooms located inside of it. This meant that we went to extra efforts to make sure that we could have two adults walk children to kids only bathrooms that were secure. We also took extra efforts to have our exits monitored by both security and digital means to ensure that the kids that were checked in stayed safe and secure.
  2. Fun Factor — We believe that God’s Holy Spirit is the one who connect kids and adults to a living God. That means that really all we can do is set the table. To us the best strategy is to make our environments joyful, relevant, and irresistable. We rented an inflatable for the weekend for an extra dose of fun factor. The fact of the matter is that when kids walked by the room we wanted to make sure that they knew the environment was planned with them in mind. Fun was a must when it came to our set-up.
  3. Volunteers — Finally if we had to start over from scratch, we would need passionate, dedicated, back-ground checked adults who could care for and connect with the kids that were entrusted into our care. At the end of the day we get to do a lot of fun and engaging things on our stage but if we don’t have adults who can get to know the kids and connect with them, kids fall through the cracks.

So there you go. If we had to start over in kids ministry, at the center of everything we do would come the most important goal of helping kids make an eternal connection with Jesus Christ and with others. Without that target none of the other elements of our kids ministry would make an eternal difference. The truth is though, very next on my list would be these top 3 things before we started a new location or began a new service.

Photo by Park Troopers on Unsplash


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