How to be the “Dadliest” Dad

A few years ago I helped our church write and perform a song for Father’s Day called “Dadliest Dad”. My brother and I had a lot of fun making this video (I think Sarah, my wife, who appears in the video, had some fun too).  I hope that you get a kick out of watching it.

But honestly there is one area that dad’s just can’t afford to drop the ball on, so while the video is fun, there’s one way that dad’s truly can be the dadliest dad.

The truth is, if you want to be the dadliest dad, the one place your kids need you isn’t in diaper changing or mowing the lawn. (Don’t get me wrong, dad’s should do both) but the calling of a father is much bigger than that.

Our country, our world, most importantly our kids need dads to pass on their faith.

Not long ago there was a Swiss study done about the role father’s play in the development of their families faith.

The study found that 3% of families would have children regularly involved in church when the mother is regularly involved.

When the mother AND father are regularly involved that number jumps to 33%.

11 times more likely for a child to become a regular attender when the father is as well.

What’s truly amazing about this study and indeed a little odd is what happens when it’s only the father that is involved. This Swiss study found when a father is involved regularly in church and the mother is not the percent of kids that move on to be regularly involved can rise to 38% to even 44%.

If that doesn’t underscore how important the role a father is in the development of their kids faith, I’m not sure what would.

This isn’t to say that a mother has no role in the development of a child’s faith. Look at the letters to Timothy from Paul. Timothy needed the spiritual influence of his mother in his life.

The point is that dad’s don’t get a pass when it comes to matters of faith.

Dad’s have to step up.

And if you truly want to be the dadliest dad, then you take the time, investment, and courage to share your faith with your kids, not just on Sunday but throughout the week.


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