5 MidWest Vacation Spots for #Kidmin Workers.

Summer is officially here and that means that in between camps, conferences, or VBS #kidmin workers are finding time to slip away on vacation.

If you’re like me though and you get a chance to get away, either for a week at a time or even just a day trip here and there, you want it to be as effective as possible. Sarah and I are always looking for places that are close to us that we can visit with the kids as a fun family trip but also as a way to inspire us as we work with kids every weekend.

Since we live in the midwest, we’re not exactly 45 minutes from Disney World but there’s plenty of places close by that we’ve discovered that offer quite a bit in the world of #familyfun and #kidmininspiration.

So if you’re in the midwest or are planning a trip through the midwest here are 5 places that I’d recommend visiting to get inspired when it comes to kids ministry.

1. NewSpring Church; Wichita, KS

I don’t want this to come across as a commercial for where I work, but we would genuinely love to have you and not many people, in the kid ministry world, know where we are located. Right, almost, smack dab in the middle of the US of A in Wichita, Kansas. Here’s some great photos of the environments we have for kids. Call our church office at 316-630-8500 and let us know you’re coming and are fellow #kidministry brothers or sisters and we’ll try our best to give you a close up look at what we do!

2. Oklahoma Science Museum; OKC, OK

Sarah and I love taking a quick vacation here. They have great interactive exhibits that’ll make you think of your next #kidmingame not to mention how fun it is to play yourself. Give yourself plenty of time because this can take most of the day. Also they have great live science shows where they do really fun and big experiments. (Check out the explosion one if you get a chance)

3. St. Louis City Museum; St. Louis, MO

If you haven’t been here, it is in a word, amazing. Imagine being able to walk into an artist’s mind. Tons of creativity, tons of play, tons of fun. From their 10 story slide, Ferris wheel on the roof, and giant whale as you come in, you’ll get a truckload of fun ideas and pictures to fuel your #kidmincreativity.

4. Sight and Sound Theater; Branson, MO

When it comes to bringing the Bible to life Sight and Sound does a tremendous job at huge, breathtaking productions. From set pieces, to live animals, to video elements, to special effects, this is a #kidmindream. To say that I’ve used ideas or approaches from these shows to pull off stories in our kidmin environment or family experiences would be an understatement.

5. The Gathering Place; Tulsa, OK
This is the newest place for us. We just got back from a quick day trip down to Tulsa and we really enjoyed our time here. This is a huge park with tons of areas to play for all ages and every place was built with the secondary purpose of being an artistic piece. Beautiful facility, outdoor play, and their boat dock and splash park that were both closed when we visited, held a lot of promise. I researched out of curiosity and this mammoth park cost 465 million to build with more plans in the works. The best part about it? It’s free. When we went we did find that it seemed less busy in the afternoon so keep in mind that free admission means bigger crowds.

I hope you enjoyed my list of some midwest secret treasures. Sarah and I are always looking for new places to explore so leave a comment if you have a great, creative place to visit this summer!

Photo by Jake weirick on Unsplash

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