The Biggest Change In 101 Years.

What has been the biggest change in 101 years?

I don’t know if it was the best question or the right question. But it was the last question.

My Grandma Jewell of 101 years passed away last week.

The last time I saw her I asked her that question.

I don’t remember entirely how we got there. But she looked at me and simply said,

“You know I’ve seen a lot of changes in 101 years.”

So I asked her.

“What was the biggest change, you think?”

1918 to 2019.

World War 1 ended the year she was born.

She lived though the Great Depression, Word War II, the birth of television, 17 Presidents, Vietnam War, Korean War, 9/11, Civil Rights Movement, birth of the internet…

I could fill a post simply about the changes.

You know what she said?

She said the biggest change she thought, was women leaving homes to go to work.

“It was different. I think they wanted more. Everyone seems to want more. I don’t know if that’s bad. But I’m not sure it was good.”

Before you read into her words, or repost them, or create your own article.

I don’t think it was a statement.

I don’t think it was;



Old fashioned.

New age.




I think honestly…

It was focused.

Here’s why.

You look at all the changes this woman had been through.

We move faster today.

We’re more productive today.

We do more, see more, know more, learn more, have more.

But the biggest change over 100 years was felt when it related to one thing.


Not work.

Not technology.

Not politics.

Not stuff.


I love my job. I love my calling.

I love the financial decisions we’ve made.

I love the idea of accomplishing things and making a difference.

None of that’s bad. Yay for progress.

But in 100 years those things will matter much less than my family.

Don’t take it from me.

Take it from a 101 year old wise woman who saw it first hand.

I love my Grandma.

And I miss her.

But I’m glad she was focused until the end.

I hope I carry that same focus in my life.

Her hope was in her Savior Jesus Christ, who with his death on the cross, paid for every wrong she’d done, and with his resurrection adopted her into Gods family.

That’s what matters.

Her adoption into God’s family.

Her love for her own.

A lot of things will change in the next 100 years, but my adoption into God’s family and love for my own won’t.

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