When’s the last time you said thank you for gravity?

I had someone challenge me the other day. They asked me that very simple question.

When’s the last time you said thank you for gravity?

When’s the last time you laid awake at night, terrified about the possibility that gravity might not happen the next day?

The answer is never.

Or maybe not in a long time.

And here’s my point because in the World Wide Web it’s pretty important to get there quickly.

You are gravity, for someone.

I don’t know who.

Or how.

But I bet you do.

And I bet if you thought for awhile you would think of those people.

My point is that there are people that depend on you being you just like you depend on gravity being gravity.

Could be your kids.

Could be your spouse.

Could be your boss or your employees or your co-workers.

And they don’t lose sleep over you not being you or coming through for them.

Because they depend on you.

But that also means they might not thank you. Because after all, who thinks, to thank gravity?

But my point is every once in awhile it’s healthy to stop and think about the people who depend on you being you.

Because even though they may not see it, your dependability helps them sleep soundly at night.

Appreciate people’s assumptions about you.

Your kids assume you’re gonna do what’s best for them.

Your coworkers assume you’ll get your work done.

Your supervisors assume you’ll come through or own up to it if you don’t.

People depend on you with their assumptions about you. Appreciate it.

Also, every once in awhile, say thank you for gravity.

Appreciate the fact that there are people in your life who you depend on, lean on, completely trust.

Learn to verbalize your gratitude for your assumptions about other people.

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