2018 in a Kid Pastor’s Life

At the start of 2018 I decided I wanted to work on my blog. I wanted to write a post weekly about anything from family life to kids ministry. With several posts in the can I wanted to take this week to do a year in review of 2018 on my most read posts and what I learned from them.

1. Kidmin Memes

This post published just a few weeks ago was the highest read post of the year. Here’s what it taught me.

People love to laugh. (They love to share laughter too.)

People are busy- brevity matters.

This post and others taught me the more concise the better.

Go to your audience don’t expect them to come to you.

I posted a link to this post in a kidmin social media group and that is the main thing that made it hit number one. Many of my posts are about kids ministry- by going where my audience already was- I was able to share with them what I was doing.

2. We Had a Miscarriage (and part 2)

If you want to connect with people it means making yourself vulnerable. These two posts were the hardest for me to write and to share but by doing so I connected with people. Be vulnerable.

3. Christmas Eve at NewSpring & Welcome to the World Samuel Michael

Tying for third this post taught me a similar lesson to number 2- people want to connect with you- personally as a blogger. Also and maybe more importantly current events seem to fair better.

My strategy has been to write several blog posts in batches and then schedule them out. Each week I take the time to do a final edit and then schedule it to post to my social media pages.

Both of these posts I wrote the week of posting. Because they were about events happening right then they seemed to get more traction.

There’s many lessons I learned this year. I started blogging because I wanted to improve my writing and it has taught me so much already. I’m looking forward to another exciting year.

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