Kidmin Memes

Everyone’s a little bit busier this time of year and if you’re like most people you may be feeling a little extra stressed. I thought it’d be fun to do a different kind of blog post this week by posting some kidmin memes I’ve created. These all poke a little fun at the world of kid ministry. Remember, these memes are meant to make you laugh and maybe relax a little. Especially if you happen to be in ministry. Don’t take any of them too seriously and don’t worry for my sanity, I don’t even use my Pinterest (the memes will explain).

Immediately following this face is a text to your senior pastor or supervisor starting with “Hey…just so you know…”
We all take criticism with such grace don’t we? Okay maybe I don’t always but hopefully my smile doesn’t look as fake as paper mache.
You really can’t say much when you run into a Kidmin Pharisee but the look goes a long ways.
Let’s be real, summer camp brings out the best of us…and maybe also the worst.
When it comes to faith we’re supposed to follow a kid’s example…but when it comes to  kid’s logic. Not so much.
In kidmin we love our leaders and volunteers but when that text notification goes off on Saturday our hearts stop.
Child care is considered a curse word in most kidmins, so tread carefully.
Ah the infamous missing email. Somewhere there is a spam folder filled with weekend requests, leader announcements, and important policy changes that have simply disappeared into the aether that is the internet.
If you’re in kidmin you probably have an active imagination and it tends to keep you up, usually the night before services.
It can come as a shock to some parents that their kid isn’t perfect. But even parents need to learn about “the fall”.
The last 5 minutes in kidmin may be the most stressful… is the service going long? Should we play a game…should we… oh wait, he dismissed, I got to go!
I mean of course I’m farther ahead…like totally, we’re way ahead… but about this weekend… what would you THINK we were doing?
We’ll make it through this fellow leaders. (I’m Bullseye on the end).
Those are loaded finger guns of praying for them to get into my ministry so you better watch out.
Pinterest is both a kidmin workers best friend and our worst enemy.
When adults start biting each other during worship they’ll understand.
If you don’t keep your eyes locked on the alpha you can kiss your Smarties goodbye.

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