How to Build A Christmas Canon

Whether you are in kids ministry and are always looking for a new game or you are simply wanting a fast and effective way to clear the in-laws out after Christmas dinner; this DIY build is for you.

I love posting instructional content because as far as the axiom of advice writers give each other of, “writing what you want to read”, instructional easily fit into that advice. Most often when I read other ministry blogs I’m looking for practical how-to’s and creative ideas.

Here’s an instructional on a “Christmas Canon” although really you can use it all year long. This build allows you to use a leaf blower to fire ping pong balls, styrofoam balls, craft pom-poms, or even plastic Christmas ornaments across a room. I’ll let your creativity fill in all the fun ways you could use it. Or if you want check out the live stream of our Jingle Jam event that is happening this Friday, December 7th, at 7 to see this DIY build at work.

  1. Step one is getting an electric leaf blower. Between blowing up giant balloons or plastering your stage with toilet paper; an electric leaf blower is a ministry-must. You can get this one for as cheap as $30 and others for even cheaper. With that being the most expensive part of this DIY build you can easily do this project for less than $50 even with getting a new leaf blower.
  2. Second is buying your PVC parts. For my leaf blower I found a PVC downspout adapter that worked great.

    Then I got a 4″ to 2″ adapter
    A 2″ sanitary tee.

    And then a 2″ by 2′ pipe.

  3. Glue all your pieces together. You’ll have to cut a small section of 2″ pipe to connect the adapter to the sanitary T.
  4. Depending on your leaf blower you’ll need to engineer a way for the attachment to stay on. I notched a hole where the normal attachment clips on. Then I hot glued some thick felt in the corners to keep the fitting tight.
  5. Spray paint for looks.
  6. Have fun! You can fire whatever is light enough and small enough to fit in your 2″ tee. Small ornaments (plastic not glass!) work pretty well. Styrofoam balls and white pompoms at your local craft store make great “snowballs”.

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