Welcome to the world Samuel Michael

So if you haven’t been following my baby-packed Instagram, Sarah and I welcomed our third child and second son into the world on Wednesday.

Samuel Michael Mahannah was born at 6:27 pm on Wednesday at 19 1/2″ long and at 8lb 14oz.

In lieu of my normal blog I thought I would post some pictures we had a friend take for us and some of the best quotes I can remember from this week.

“It’s a boy!” -Sarah

“You don’t know what your having? That’s the best. It’s the last real surprise left in the world.” -Resident

“Babies are the best. There’s nothing like it” -Our OB

–This isn’t really quotable but we had a 3rd year in the room during the birth that was actually delivered by our OB–

“Grandma that’s MY baby brother.” -August

“August don’t get too close, you don’t want to make him cry. We just got him.” -Lizzy

“Mom are you gonna keep feeding him like that? Aren’t you forgetting something? What about a bottle?” -Lizzy

“Don’t you cry Samuel. Don’t do it. Don’t you do it. Ah! He did it. The baby is crying.” -Lizzy

“The baby is crying again…” – August

“August are you poopy or Samuel?”


“You sure?”

“Uh… me?” -August- *ornery grin follows*

So obviously Sarah and I are tired but loving our family time and this new phase of our life.

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