Be a Kid Again


Can we watch MY movie?

What’s that?

What is this place?

Where are we going?

What’s after this?

Can I look at that?

Can I try?

That is just a few of about 1,000 questions I get from my kids. I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old and they are ALWAYS asking questions.

And you know what it made me think?

How come I don’t ask questions anymore?

Have you noticed that?

I don’t know if it happens in middle school, high school graduation, or when you first get a job, but have you ever noticed that adults don’t ask as many questions.

The easy answer would be because we know more.

Which might be true, but I don’t think it’s the whole truth.

There’s a trend in my generation called #adulting.

It’s basically used when my generation has to do adult things that we weren’t prepared for. Like filing our taxes. Or getting a will. Or ironing pants.

What’s interesting is I run into so many other young adults my age that complain about not knowing or being taught this stuff when we were kids.

I think that’s interesting. Because the idea is almost; if we weren’t taught as kids, how are we supposed to learn?

It’s like when we’re adults, our expectation becomes that we should stop learning and know everything.

For some reason when we’re adults we stop asking questions.


The thing I’m learning is that I DON’T know everything. Pretending I do just ends me up in trouble. So ask questions.

And I don’t mean ask your brother in law. Or your buddy from college. Ask an expert.

You don’t know everything.

You don’t need to know everything.

Humble yourself.

Ask Questions.

Sarah and I went through this when we had kids. We knew we needed a will. We had absolutely ZERO idea how to get a will. So we asked an expert for help. Learned how to get a will. And now we have two notarized copies, one with us, the other with the executor.

The same is true of our investments. We went and met with an expert financial advisor. I’ll never forget meeting and asking him questions. He finally said “Let’s say you invest a $1” so I would understand his point. And that was good. Treated me like a kid but I truly didn’t understand. Even at the end of the meeting I remember sheepishly asking him “How do you get paid?” I just legitimately didn’t know.

Turns out that he gets paid by the investment firm he works for. In fact he said “If I ever ask you to write me a check- I’m scamming you.” I didn’t know that. Asking made it so I did, even if I was embarrassed doing so.

Here are the two things I know:

1. Ask good questions to good sources.

2. If someone won’t answer a question, constantly deflects, or in some cases won’t admit to a “I don’t know but can find out.” You should go the other way.

Let’s replace the fake-it-till-you-make-it of #adulting with the humbly raise your hand of #beakidagain.

Ask questions.

Ask experts.

Be a kid again.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash.

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