3 Ministry Tips on Back to School

Whether you did camps, a VBS, or if you just want to see those numbers normalize, if you’re in ministry you may feel relieved that fall is on the way. There’s a lot of things that go on in the fall but here are 3 simple ways to make the most of your fall season in ministry.

1. Leverage schedules.

Everyone is finding the new routine. If you’re like us attendance goes up as vacations end. Invest a little more of your annual budget into doing some fun things in your area as kids come back. Build that excitement for what’s happening in your ministry.

2. Plan a fun FREE event

One thing we have learned is at the end of the summer parents budgets are blown. Camps, vacations, and pool passes all hit at once. So we plan a high-octane back to school family experience. Why? Because we use the words “free family fun” in our advertising. They’re looking for a fun night out to ring in the school year that doesn’t break their budget.

3. Ramp up Small Groups.

Families are back and thank the Lord so are volunteers. Kick-off small groups, cast a big vision to your leaders and get them pumped to connect with new families. If you can, leverage a weekend or an event to connect these new leaders with the parents of the few they minister too.

Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

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