Don’t do these at your kids camp!

So we just got back from camp and it was a great experience. I’d like to say that I can confidently coach all of the things that you should do exactly. Honestly though, most of the time I do better giving advice on what NOT to do from experience. Here’s a list of 6 things that I’ve learned not to do at camp!

  1. Free-time, free-time, free-time.
    If the camp has activities-great. But kids thrive on structure and too much free time can lead to trouble.
  2. Forget to wear sunblock.
    Nothing is worse then trying to do worship motions with lobster red skin.
  3. Leave the parents in the dark
    We’re a generation of helicopter parents- post those FB pictures and open up the live feed for gametime – parents will go nuts!
  4. Unstructured game time.
    Do team versus team competitions. You get the kids excited by giving away, get this, FREE points. They cost you nothing and the kids will do anything to hear, “You get 1,000” points. Including listening and respecting their leaders!
  5. Give the kids mountains of sugar and then tell your leaders it’s time for lights out.
    Play a relay game, get them moving, or wind down with a movie. Sugar should be our friend, not our powdery, evil, insomniac enemy.
  6. Forget to pray.
    You’ve got a lot to do. Like a lot. Like. A. TON. This last week we put together 5 different services. That’s the equivalent of a month of work. Plus there’s the other 22 hours of the day you have to structure and program. But in the busy and the hustle don’t forget what’s most important. Pray for your camp, your leaders, and those kids and their parents. God has great things in store for your few so don’t forget to ask him to show up in great ways! In the end, that’s what makes the work, worth it.
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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