10 Random Facts You Know As a Kid Pastor

There’s a lot of great things that you can learn from textbooks, college courses, and in a classroom. But, for me especially, a lot of things are learned through doing or watching up-close how someone does something. June 2nd was my 10 year anniversary of coming on staff at NewSpring. I started on maintenance and was originally only going to be on staff for 3 months. Then 6 years ago I was moved to full time kids ministry staff.

So to celebrate 10 years, here’s a top ten list of random facts I’ve learned over the years.

  1. Throwing candy into a crowd of kids = Worst idea ever.
    Unless your trying to teach kids to go Hunger Games over a piece of unclaimed Laffy Taffy.
  2. You have around 936 weeks from your child’s birth to when they graduate.
  3. On average a church gets 40 hours of influence with any given kid over the course of a year.
  4. On average a parent gets 3,000 hours of influence with their kids each year.
  5. How to climb into an 8 foot balloon.
    Yup. We did it as a comedic segment once. In fact we’re revisiting that bit for camp this year.
  6. A page of script usually translates to about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes of acting time.
  7. Don’t have your worship leader talk or do announcements after a high-energy song (they’re out of breath if they did the song right)
  8. How to multiply and divide by 12.
    Remember when your 3rd grade teacher said you would need your times tables? She knew Oriental Trading sold things by the dozen.
  9. Where the clean up supplies are for throw-up or spilt smoothie. We even know where the extra set of kid clothes are for the “uh-oh” emergencies.
  10. I’d rather be hit with a shaving cream pie over a whipped cream pie. Whipped cream gets stuck in your nostrils and it smells like sour milk. Shaving cream just makes you smell like a barber shop.

Of course, I’ve learned so much more that can’t fit into a Top Ten list, but these have been some of the fun and the favorites.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

One comment

  1. Congratulations Mr. Jesse!! Thanks so much for answering God’s call to serve!! Because without you answering that call to serve then my three kids that have been through 252 would not have had the privilege of knowing you and watching you grow into the great husband and father that you are. One thing that I have experienced from watching Mr. Jesse teach the kids is that he is by far the most fairest person when handling issues that come up with kids! Thanks for your service !!


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