This ONE Thing Will Make You a Better Presenter.

I think the easiest thing a presenter can do to help themselves get better is incredibly simple.

I’d say this tip applies especially to actors or presenters who are working with other presenters on stage.

In kidmin life this is comic/credible hosts, skit actors, even worship leaders who need to work together on a set.

But this rule can also apply to solo-presenters and honestly, even in settings as small as a staff meeting and as large as an arena.

The big thing?


Actors struggle with listening. So do presenters. We think our job is to memorize our lines and then go out and wait to respond to a cue. Or we present our speech/message and walk off.

Great improv means great listening.

Listening to what the other characters are saying in the moment and listening to the room.

Constantly as a Comic Host, I’ll spend more time and energy on jokes that we planned to go quickly, because the room responds to it, and it’s working. Or as you listen to the Credible Host you’ll see an opportunity for something that you know will work.

Sometime I’ll have storytellers go “off script” because they hear a word they say and realize it’s too “adult” of a word to use with kids, so they re-explain using words kids would know, all because they were listening to what they were saying and the atmosphere of the audience.

A game host may wrap up the game faster if the room seems ready to move on but if they hear that room lean forward they can build the tension and have a dynamite game.

Even presenters who are on stage completely alone have to listen to the room and make adjustments on the fly to truly maximize their presentation.

As much as we should craft our words and process the performances. At the end of the day sometimes the best thing we can do is stop and listen.

Photo by Felix Mooneeram on Unsplash


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