Easter wasn’t supposed to be a celebration.

Easter wasn’t supposed to be a celebration.


It wasn’t.

Cut to Sunday morning and you’re looking at a wake. Like this was, he’s dead. It’s over. Game. Set. Match.

Pack up, go home, the quarterback is done playing.

The picture wasn’t totally clear. I mean disciples knew he was a different leader; maybe the next big political guy. Things we’re looking like real change might happen.

Then he’s dead.

Not just him. But hope too. They weren’t up and coming members of a new rebellion. They were fugitives and nobody’s following a dead guy.

Then all of a sudden: Everything. Changed.

Because he was alive.

Are you there?

At a wake? A funeral? A dead-end?

Dreams you thought were coming fall flat?

Plans you thought God had for you? Gone?

The disciples didn’t rise to the top of a new political landscape but they did see God change the world through them.

The thing I love about the women at the tomb is they may not have understood it. But they kept going.

Jesus was dead but they didn’t stop doing the next right thing.

His body needed dressed and properly embalmed. So they got up on that morning in the face of death to do the next right thing. They got to be the first to hear the good news. He has risen. All because they moved.

You can too.

I don’t know what God has waiting for you at the tomb; but I know that our Father makes glorious plans for his children. I also know that a lot of man’s “wasn’t supposed to be’s” are his “Divinely purposed to become…”. So if you feel like you’re going to a wake, remember, sometimes doing the next right thing leads to risen hope through Christ.

Happy Easter!

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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