Kid Pastor Pranks

So while I don’t necessarily recommend doing pranks as a kids pastor. There are a few things I’ve learned in ministry that would make for some light-hearted fun with friends or family. So in honor of April fools day next week. Here’s some easy, fun pranks you could pull.Keep in mind, part of what makes a prank fun, is no one is mocked, offended, or hurt by the joke. It’s just good fun.

  1. Eat raw mayo.
    We did this for a skit once. Get a mayo jar, clean it out completely, and then fill it with vanilla pudding. It’ll freak people out.
  2. Eat gross baby food.
    Very similar to the last one but still fun. Butterscotch pudding looks a lot like chicken or turkey baby food. Vanilla pudding with just a little green food dye looks just like vegetables.
  3. Diet coke & Mentos
    Drill a small hole through a mentos. Tie a string through the hole. Then put the cap on over the string. Cut off the extra string. It’ll keep it in place until someone opens the cap.
  4. Old Timey Typing
    Go to File, Option, Proofing on Microsoft Word. Then click “Auto-correct Options”. Type “NIrV” under the “Replace” heading. Then type “KJV” under the “With” heading. Of course if you’re at a super traditional church that might already be in the added auto-correct options.
  5. Water bottle bomb.
    Take a full water bottle with the cap on. Poke a few, small, pin-sized holes in the side. Now take the cap off. It should start spraying water. Put the cap on and leave it for an unsuspecting victim.

So while these are fun to read, I should be clear: You assume all risk if you decide to actually do any of these! Don’t go blaming anything on me! My suggestion? Try it with family or friends and maybe not your boss or your coworker. Really though, for the most part they are some fun things that you might even be able to work into your stage presentations. Each of these (aside from the auto-correct) I’ve used before for skits or object lessons. There’s nothing more fun than the randomness you experience in the life of a kids pastor.

Photo by Aaron Mello on Unsplash

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