Race for Peace: Don’t come in last place.

Throughout this month we’ve been talking in Route 252 about the Big Idea of Peace. It’s proving you care more about each other than winning an argument. Isn’t it funny how obsessed our culture can be with winning?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with kids getting a real trophy versus a participation medal. However, when it comes to arguments, we forget the person and demand a victory.

Peace is different though isn’t it? Peace stops and realizes that you can be right all you’d like but sometimes it’s more important to prove you care than prove you’re right.

This week we talked about the story of David and Abigail. Our bottom line was prove you care more about others by being part of the solution.David gets in a tense argument with Abigail’s husband, Nabal. The conflict is so intense and David is so enraged, it looks like Nabal may even lose his life.

The Bible is pretty clear, Nabal is not a good dude. Drunk and foolish with an uncontrolled mouth, he gets himself into lots of trouble. Abigail has probably had these situations plenty of times before. If I’m her, I’m thinking, “Here goes Nabal again, I’ll just stay out of it, about time he got what’s coming to him.”.

Abigail doesn’t.  1 Samuel 25:18.

“Abigail didn’t waste any time.”

I love that.

Didn’t waste any time.

Sometimes we can talk ourselves out of proving we care.

What if we embarrass ourselves?

Are we really going to help?

What’s the point?

If we let the motivation of proving how much we care be our motivation, we realize we CAN’T wait. You might miss out on an opportunity or worse you might lose something, even the relationship. The truth is we shouldn’t be scared of losing the argument we should be motivated to not lose the race for peace. Empathy demands that we prove we care as fast as we can.

Abigail knew she could be part of the solution. Didn’t matter who was right. Didn’t matter that she’d probably done this time and time before. What mattered is she cared and she didn’t wait to prove it.

Photo by Austris Augusts on Unsplash

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