27 Reasons To Be Excited About Year 27!

I’ll be 27 this week. This is a weird feeling because most of the time I still feel like I’m 15. I don’t feel like I’m old enough to have an amazing wife or, two kids, or own a home. But I do. Which is fun. So in full acceptance of my growing age; here’s 27 serious, silly, and outright stupid reasons to be excited about year 27: (Put in no sort of order)

1. Sarah and I are having a baby this year!
(Number 3 is on the way!)

2. I’m married to an amazing woman and am finally mature enough to realize it.
(Sort of- I’ve come to realize if I appreciate her today–tomorrow I realize I wasn’t even close)

3. I have a good job, in the job market that I wanted when I was in high school.
(This is weird for a person my age, told what we were in high school about a college experience being the be-all, end-all opportunity maker. Turns out work has to come first, whether in college or not- then the opportunity will follow)

4. I have no debt.
(Also weird…just in general in our culture and our society–I’ll blog about our approach to debt someday I promise)

5. We’re starting to invest.
(We met with our financial advisor this last week to kick-start our retirement again after putting it off to work on the house and our savings)

6. We almost have trim.
(No house payment and no debt also means living in a house with no kitchen for over a year and having trim that you can’t afford to paint)

7. 2 + 7 = 9 & 2 – 7 = -5
-5 + 9 = 4
4’s my favorite number
(You ever do this math ninjuitsu with license plates while you’re driving? Like add, minus, multiply, ect; trying to find patterns and stuff? I blame the inventor of math drills)

8. I have a blog.
(And you are reading it…yay!)

9. I have a courageous daughter.
(Getting braver by the day– I couldn’t be more proud of her)

10. I have a caring son.
(Stubborn, ornery, but as sweet as they come)

11. I’m going to Greystone for my birthday.
(Yay for decisions I can still make at 27! Like “I’ll take the T-Bone please!”)

12. My age rhymes with unleaven and heaven.
(I’ll finally finish that dramatic limerick I’ve been working on)

13. Our fish is still living.
(We bought a second fish for Lizzy–first one is dead–second is still alive. Yay!)

14. I have so many opportunities to lose weight.
(Starting with the calories I’ll gain from that T-Bone; just packing it on so it can come off all at once…or something like that)

15. I can still ride a hover board
(Sarah got me one for Christmas because she either likes seeing me have fun…or she thinks I’ll paralyze myself permanently.)

16. I have 3 years before I have to do anything worthwhile.
(Not that I haven’t done anything worthwhile; but you know Jesus didn’t even start his ministry until 30.)

17. My brain is pretty much done cooking.
(They say your brain finishes development at 25. Usually I’m about 2 years behind the trend so I figure mine’s finally getting fully functional)

18. I’m actively dealing with my anxiety and chronic depression.
(I see a therapist but don’t tell anyone because people get all weird when you tell them that- so that’s just between us)

19. 27 = 3 x 3 x 3.
(I don’t know that that actually means anything but there it is. Isn’t 3 supposed to be a special number?)

20. I have passed on my love of Spider-Man.
(I am successfully living vicariously through my kids love of my favorite childhood superhero)

21. I made a camel.
(This last year I made a camel. That’s a thing you can do now apparently)

22. I’ve been married to my wife for almost 6 years.

23. I got to celebrate my Grandma’s Jewel’s 100 year old birthday this year.
(She even renewed her driver’s license)

24.  I’ve got one more precious year with my daughter before she starts Kindergarten.

25. I still have 1 year before my high school reunion. Washboard abs here I come.
(So that I can impress a bunch of people that I haven’t talked to in 10 years. Oh wait… hold that… I just got 97 “Happy Birthday” notifications on Facebook)

26. I have a year to make up an excuse for my reunion and/or why my washboard abs couldn’t make it.
(There’s a chance I won’t go…but they did say Happy Birthday.)

27. I have enough reasons to celebrate this year to fill a list of 27 things!

Thanks for reading this fun and at times ridiculous post! Check back next week for the most personal and difficult blog post I’ve written yet.

Photo by Lorene Farrugia on Unsplash

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