Top Three Reasons Why You Should Come To FX!

KW_FW_CelebrateSpringTomorrow night at 7 o’clock, NewSpring Church is having it’s Celebrate Spring KidzWorld FX. I’ve been managing the KidzWorld FX program for almost 5 years now and before that I’ve been in our Family Experience since they started as a 20 minute program in between our two services on Sunday. I’ve been to a lot of Family Experiences, so I feel like I could give a pretty good top ten list as to why you should make coming to Celebrate Spring FX a priority. But frankly, who has time to read 10 reasons? So here are my top three reasons…

  1. It’s totally free. There’s not a lot to do in Wichita, Ks on a Friday night that’s free. I grew up in a family of five, so when Dad sprung for a night out at Subway it was a huge deal. One of the reasons why I love to be a part of FX is because it’s an exciting and engaging event, but it doesn’t cost a thing.
  2. It’s fun. Not to be redundant but, there’s really NOT  a lot do do in Wichita, Ks on a Friday night. Here’s the other kicker, there’s really not a lot to do for the whole family that everyone will walk away from enjoying. The other day we spent about 20 minutes perusing NetFlix for that thin line of cartoons that both Sarah and I can bear and Lizzy wants to watch. She says two things when we turn on NetFlix: 1) “Are we gonna watch your movie or we watch my movie?” and 2) “Daddy just pick one!” The fun thing about FX is it’s fun for kids and, legitimately, Dad’s and Mom’s you will laugh and have a good time.
  3.  It’s for the whole family. I love our children’s ministry strategy at NewSpring. We believe, “What happens at home is more important than what happens at church.” Basically, the parents are the spiritual leaders of the home. Not only that but kids ministry isn’t something pastors do, it’s something families do! So while we really hope that parents can make it to KidzWorld FX, if for some reason they can’t come, it doesn’t mean you can’t. Constantly I’ll talk to Grandmas and Grandpas that bring their kids for a fun night out. They have fun together but also learn something together that can spark great conversations later.

So there you go. Top 3 Reasons. There’s obviously more reasons: there’s a talking monkey, games, giveaways, there’s always something to surprise the crowd, we’re talking about the most important story ever told, and finally kids will be going public with their faith through baptism! I hope to see you there!

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