I’ve always enjoyed writing. Really, more accurately, storytelling. I think everyone, intrinsically enjoys stories. As a kid I always remember I was constantly the hero in some epic, action-packed adventure. I remember one time running upstairs to grab popcorn out of the microwave, there was 30 seconds left on the timer, but the kitchen was filled with evil henchmen. I battled them off with my sweet ka-ra-te (emphatically pronounced so you know I’m the real deal) moves as a slightly overweight, definitely out of breath, 3rd grader, and managed to rescue the popcorn right before the microwave bomb went off. What I distinctly remember is looking up from my epic adventure to see my parents in the living room. More specifically, I saw my parents confused and appropriately worried faces from the living room as their third grader air punched the kitchen for some popcorn. I’ve always been one to get engrossed in stories. In fact, just to keep it real with you, this is one reason why I am the worst possible person to take to a scary movie. I completely dive into the story. I went to see World War Z for a guys bachelor party a few years back and I literally slept with my old BB gun under the mattress for like a week.

With that being said I always feel like from a personal perspective, the start is always the hardest. I want to dive straight into the story, to the action, to the part where the hero has 30 seconds to disarm the bomb, take out the bad guy, and get the girl of his dreams. But everybody has to start and starting can be hard. However, any movie critic will tell you that a movie of all explosions, car chases, and hero’s flexing their muscles is…well that’s a multi-million dollar Michael Bay movie. My point is that the start, the slow, but necessary start most often makes the most memorable stories. I mean come on, the God of universe is legitimately the only one who has every right jump straight to the climax. He has no beginning, but yet, he took six days to create the universe. Imagine if Genesis one was, “In the beginning God yelled into existence an entire solar system, Planet Earth, and a chain of Krispy Kreme’s and then took an afternoon nap”. First off that would be incredible product endorsement for a delicious donut but more to the point, the God of the universe took six days to get started and then an entire day to rest.

Beginnings are hard but they’re also important. Really that’s true with anything though right? Not just storytelling. Whether it’s losing weight, paying off debt, starting a business, having ‘that’ conversation, or even starting a blog, there’s a thousand reasons to not start something. I think the biggest of all the reasons though is the fear of failure. The fear of not finishing. The fear of a failed diet, a broken budget, maybe a broken relationship or even a dream. Let’s be honest though rough starting isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Not starting is.  So I’m not expecting to change world views or send shocks of awe through readers by starting a blog but I am counting on becoming a better writer one step at a time. What’s the next step for you to start?

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